Gaming Desk

The Svive Altair Gaming Desk provides extra comfort during long gaming rounds. Generous size and incremental height adjustment allow customisation to match your playing style. A soft, full-size, 4-mm thick mouse pad gives the player great control to play even better, and your new desktop quickly becomes an important part of your new gaming station.

Height adjustment

With three different height options of 71, 75 and 79 cm, you can easily set your new gaming desk to the ideal height for you. There are also adjustable knobs for fine-tuning to prevent rocking on an uneven floor.

Extra deep desktop

Looking for a large desk for gaming? The 160-cm length and 80-cm depth provides plenty of room to let you do your stuff when you’re gaming in earnest. The extra width of your new gaming desk accommodates more and allows greater variability of equipment and monitors.

Tidy up those cables!

Trailing cables make a desktop look messy, but the Svive Altair gaming desk helps you keep things organised. The mouse pad comes intact and you can choose how you want to pull the cables between three distinct cable holes. And a supplied cable rail keeps all your wires organised down to the nearest power outlet.

Soft surface

Your new gaming desk has a full-size mouse pad with a comfortable thickness of 4 mm. It has stitched edges for durability, and is comfortable for your forearms. The surface provides accurate control and precision in your game, and it can easily be wiped clean if the worst happens.

Technical specifications

Max. cargo weight

100 kg

Adjustable height



Top surface covered with mouse pad, 3 height adjustment levels, 3 cable outputs


MDF, microfiber