Gaming Chair Light-Grey

There are no words in the dictionary to describe the comfort of sitting in the Svive Gemini gaming chair; you need to try it out! With the new, incredibly comfort-thread fabric, this chair provides maximum comfort even for the longest gaming sessions, having your back in defeating all your opponents. Sit down, relax and game on!

Comfortable design

Experience superior comfort! Your new Svive Gemini gaming chair comes with incredibly soft and durable comfort-thread fabric. This easy to clean, very breathable material gives you the maximum comfort on even the hottest of summer days, letting you stay cool for those long gaming sessions, and last you for years to come.

Class 4 gas lift

Your new Svive chair is suitable for short and tall gamers alike, adjusting quickly to the correct height with the 4-stage gas lift adjustment for a full 80 mm while withstanding up to 150 kg.

4D armrests

The 4D armrests are mobile in 4 different directions. Adjust the height up or down, move the armrests forward, backward, or sideways or obliquely inwards or outwards. The choice is yours, so you are guaranteed to find a good sitting position, all while keeping your wrists and arm joints in a healthy position.

Adjustable back angle

Your new gaming chair has stepless backrest; choose your ideal back position and lock the backrest in place. If you are having bad luck and need to miss a turn, the chair can be tilted 180 degrees for a power nap. Just recharge and be ready to crush the competition in the next round.

30-degree tilt

You can tilt the seat up to 30 degrees to compensate and maintain a healthy posture. The tilt can be tightened up and customized according to your weight so that it gives way whenever you lean backward.

Diecast foam and durable metal

Excellent seating comfort and a long-lasting construction have been the highest priorities in designing our Svive gaming chairs. Your new Svive Gemini chair is filled with firm, diecast foam that ensures durability and enjoyable seating for years of intense gaming. The solid steel frame is built for excellent back support and can cope with any long-time use. In other words, Svive gaming chairs tolerate hours and hours of work and gaming and never fail when it matters the most.

Neck and back cushion

The matching neck and back cushion with memory foam make the chair extra comfortable for those who play for longer hours, and they are easy to remove or change if desired. Designed to provide extra support for the neck and lower back, enabling you to sit more ergonomically.

Technical specifications

Designed for





Aluminum, fabric, steel, cast foam plastic


Class 4 gas lift, tilting up to 30 °

Socket design

5-point star

Max. load weight



Black, blue-gray

Width and Depth

51 cm x 50 cm