Gaming Recliner

Hoba is your new dream chair with the industry’s best comfort in front of the screen. Settle comfortably in this chair designed for “binge watching” or playing with the guys. You can bet there’ll be bickering about who gets to sit in the Hoba, so maybe you should buy two, to keep the peace at home!

Practical material

The Hoba’s practical, durable fabric makes it easy to clean – without annoying squeaks. You will never regret your purchase as you sit in your new Hoba – as long as you have the space, of course.

Solidly built

This is no lightweight. With its sturdy metal construction, your new chair can take up to 125 kg. This is going to be your easy chair for a long time and, once you’ve tried it, you probably won’t want to be without it.

Adjustable back

In true recliner style, the leg rest shoots forward and the backrest moves back to the ideal position for you. The chair can rock and swing, too. The footrest keeps the chair stable even with the back fully down for reclining comfort.

Greatest in its class

Your new Svive Hoba is top of the class of all our gaming chairs, and it’s the chair all your buddies will envy you for. The level of comfort is unique, and buying your new chair means you’ll be sitting comfortably for hours of late TV evenings or long gaming rounds.

Easy to set up

The included user manual shows you how to fit the back and side panels quickly and easily. You don’t need a toolbox or big muscles to put your new dream chair together, as an Allen key and screws are provided.

Technical specifications

Designed for


angle adjustment



120 - 150 ° adjustable angle


Metal, wood, mask, foam rubber, polyurethane leather