Dual Lavalier Microphone

This Svive Lavalier Microphone features two clip-on mics, allowing you to record podcasts, videos, interviews, and streams with two people at the same time. Both microphones are small and discreet and can be easily clipped on the shirt. With a frequency range from 65Hz to 18KHz and -30dB+/-3dB sensitivity, the two microphones record clear sound without distortion.

Omnidirectional recording pattern

The omnidirectional polar pattern of the Svive Hydra lets it pick up sound from all directions in a 360-degree radius.

Included accessories

Svive Hydra comes with 7 included accessories: 4 foam windscreens: helps reduce wind noise and minimizes plosives, 4 metal clips: lets you attach the microphones securely on your clothes, 2 LR44 batteries: the microphones are powered by a long-lasting LR44 button battery, with a working time of up to 72 hours. Additionally, an extra battery for backup comes included with the product, pouch: makes storing your microphone easy.

Versatile audio connectors

The microphones come with a 3.5 mm TRRS audio connector and an additional 6.35 mm TRS connector that gets screwed on top of it. That lets you connect the Svive microphones to an audio interface or straight into a PC, laptop, tablet, camera, or smartphone - the choice is yours!

Extra-long cable

The microphone’s cable has a length of 6 meters, which allows you to move freely in a wide range while recording. The length of the cable can be easily adjusted with the included Velcro strips.

Technical specifications

Microphone technology

Electret capacitor

Microphone mode of operation


Microphones included



-30 dB


1 kohm

Frequency response

65 - 18000 Hz

Max. sound pressure

74 dB


Microphone Battery - LR44