Hydra Elite


When only the best is good enough, the Svive Hydra Elite Microphone lives up to all your expectations. This is the ultimate mic for audiophiles. With your new Elite microphone you get perfect control of studio sound recording at an elite level.

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Easy access to adjust volume and mute

Take full control of your home studio through the headphone output with the easily accessible MUTE button. An indicator light will flash when mute is turned on to ensure you have control over the recording at all times.

Plug and play with USB

Your new Hydra Elite supports USB 2.0 and is easy to connect to your PC without setup or software installation. For the best possible sound transfer, the microphone should be connected directly to a PC without using a HUB or other connectors.

Choose between desk stand or studio boom

The accompanying desk stand handles the job perfectly and is easy to use and your microphone rests securely in the rubber-encased metal or fastened to your chosen mount. If you are thinking of investing in a new recording studio, your new studio mic can easily be paired with a studio boom or pop filter.

Microphone gain

Your new Svive Hydra Elite allows you to control the sensitivity of the recording from your new studio mic to tone down and eliminate digital distortion. Rotate the wheel counterclockwise to reduce gain. Conversely, to increase sensitivity simply turn the dial clockwise.

Technical specifications


Microphone - USB

Microphone Technology

Electret condenser

Microphone Operation Mode

Bidirectional, stereo, cardioid / multi-directional

Connectivity Technology



5.6 mV / Pascal

Frequency Response

20 - 20000 Hz

Signal-to-Noise Ratio

100 dB

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)


Max. sound pressure

120 dB

Connector type

USB 2.0

Supplied cables

USB cable

Optional equipment included

table Stand