Nest Shockmount Black

Obsessed with sound? This Svive Nest shock mount enhances audio recording. Your new Nest is perfect in combination with a Hydra studio boom and microphone, all of which are designed to provide better sound during streaming, gaming and podcasting in your new home studio.

Why use a shock mount?

With its shock protecting construction, your new shock mount will eliminate interfering sounds from the desktop that occur during streaming or gaming.

Solid construction

The solid, robust metal construction can withstand just about anything. Combined with elastic cords, noise is absorbed as shock during recording. The result is less low frequency noise and clear recording from the very first clip.

Universal design

Your new Hydra Shock Mount is compatible with most studio microphones and attaches easily with or without the included adapter.

Perfect with the Hydra series

The Hydra Shock Mount Nest is part of a series of gaming and streaming products for your home studio. Below you can see the recommended microphone, studio boom and pop filter that perfectly fit your shock mount and guarantee easy installation.