Pop Filter

A POP filter provides better sound during recording, perfect for those who take their audio seriously and who prefer clear speech.

Increase your audio quality

The name “POP filter” comes from the noises the filter eliminates, so-called “popping sounds”. Popping sounds arise when plosives such as P and B are spoken and the membrane in the microphone becomes overloaded. When you pronounce these plosives, they may be unclear and listeners will hear this as clipping – this is where the Svive Hydra POP filter comes into its own and does the job.

The filter protects your Hydra mic

The double layer nylon fabric protects the microphone. The result is increased life span for your Hydra Microphone Pro and the filter keeps it clean no matter how enthusiastic you get. If you’re a heavy duty user, it’s easy and inexpensive to simply replace your pop filter.

Universal pop filter

The Svive Hydra Microphone pop filter is universal and fits all types of gaming microphones. The filter is easily attached to the desktop in front of your microphone and is ready to use in seconds.

Meet the Svive family

In order to achieve optimal studio recording, a pop filter alone is not enough; a microphone and boom are also essential to get the perfect recording. Hydra Microphone Pro and Hydra Microphone Arm are important members of the Svive Hydra family, where all products have been customised by and for Scandinavian gamers.


• Double pop filter in nylon • 14.8 cm including frame • 37.5 cm flexible arm • Adjustable desk clamp • Can be attached to a desk top or on your microphone stand