Hydra Pro


Have you started streaming or do you dream of making it big with your very own podcast or music? Svive Hydra is precisely the gaming series you need to get started on your home studio, providing professional audio on a beginner’s budget.

Ready to record your stream

Your new Svive Hydra microphone pro is “plug and play”. So there’s no need to install software or applications before you start and the microphone is compatible with all operating systems, both Mac and PC. The mic is very easy to install and simple to use, in other words, the perfect microphone for new streamers.

Take control of your recording

With unidirectional audio recording, Hydra handles the job excellently and it takes a lot to ruin the audio recording. The 3.5 mm mini-jack lets you connect headphones to take full control of the sound. Nevertheless, we recommend using both the Svive Hydra Microphone Arm and Hydra Microphone Pop Filter to get the best recordings.

Pro sound at low prices

The Svive Hydra delivers crisp stereo sound in HD quality worthy of a celebrity streamer but at a fantastic price. Unidirectional recording gives you more options when broadcasting and only your imagination limits the recording possibilities of your new Hydra mic. The mic head can be adjusted to the angle you want and if you also purchase a Svive studio arm, you gain tremendous potential for adaptation and flexibility.


Calibrate your Hydra microphone to the right sound level for you. Via the headset, you have complete control during live recording and sound entering the headphones is easily controlled with the sound wheel. You can also easily mute the sound by pressing the sound wheel. Calibrate the sound recording in your operating system for the best possible listening experience for your followers.

Technical specifications

Microphone Technology

Electret condenser

Connectivity Technology


Frequency Response

50 - 18000 Hz

Signal-to-Noise Ratio

59 dB