Studio Arm Pro

Your new Svive Microphone Arm is a high quality studio boom that helps you make professional audio recordings at home.

Universal stand

Your studio boom is easy to mount and fits most podcast and streaming microphones. The desk clamp is easy to attach quickly to the microphone stand or desk. Screws in the joint ensure that you can easily re-tension the stand after prolonged use and whenever needed.

Meet the Svive family

To achieve an optimal studio sound, a robust stand is not enough. While the microphone does the most important job, a pop filter and shock mount make it even easier to achieve a perfect recording. Hydra Microphone Pro and Hydra Pop Filter are key members of the Svive Hydra family, all of whose products have been customised by, and for, Scandinavian gamers.


• Universal microphone stand. • Suitable for microphones up to 2.2 kg. • Accompanying desk clamp. • 360 degree rotation. • Range up to 93 cm

A helping hand in the studio

With 360 degree rotation and a full 93 cm range, this boom arm opens up a wealth of possibilities. The microphone arm is extremely sturdy and keeps your mic steady during recording, so you can concentrate on the content of your broadcast.

Protects your Hydra microphone

Svive is a universal boom that can be used with most gaming microphones. But to be absolutely sure that it fits and for the easiest possible installation, we recommend using the stand with the Hydra Microphone Pro and Hydra Microphone POP filter

Technical specifications


Studio Arm


360 °


93 cm