XLR Studio Kit

You love to stream, record your music or podcasts, and are searching for a perfect studio kit? Then Svive Hydra XLR is the right choice for you! Set up your first at-home studio with ease and record high-quality sound. This XLR set delivers professional audio within a cardioid recording pattern, to ensure your voice will always be heard, while any unwanted noise behind it stays unnoticed. The package includes a microphone, pop filter, shock mount, and studio arm. Note: This microphone requires an audio interface with 48V phantom power.

High-quality audio

Combined with the other devices in the streaming set, the microphone is a perfect match for your first recording studio, delivering professional audio within a cardioid recording pattern. Your new Hydra XLR microphone records studio-quality sound, providing a wide-ranging frequency response between 20 Hz and 18 kHz and high sensitivity of -34dB ± 3dB.

XLR connection

Easily connect to an audio interface with an included 2,5-meter-long 3-pin XLR connector cable, that carries balanced audio signals. An XLR cable of your microphone is essential if you want to acquire clean, high-quality sound and isolate any surrounding unwanted noise while recording professional sounding audio.

Convenient pop filter

The package comes with a pop filter to help you get a clean, professional sound. The filter removes noise from the pronunciation of closed sounds like P, B, and S. Combined with the rest of the set, it keeps the recording crystal clear, contributing to less editing time.

Helpful shock mount

With shock-absorbing construction, this shock mount will remove disturbing sound from the desktop that occurs during streaming or gaming. Combined with the studio arm, rubber bands prevent vibrations from being transferred from the surrounding environment to the microphone, making sure your voice stays loud and clear.  

Practical studio arm

The studio arm is a helping hand for small and large studio productions such as podcasting, music, or live streaming. It is a universally fitting flexible metal arm with full 360-degree rotation, ready to assist during your audio recordings.

Technical specifications




-38 dB


30 - 16000 Hz