Tier 3 Gaming Chair White

Time to upgrade to a gaming chair through and through? The Svive Ixion Tier 3 is the chair for you when only the best is good enough. The chair is packed with the kind of details a real gamer wants, and you will never regret it after a few hours of action in front of the screen. Adjust your chair to your optimal sitting position, and game on!


The tilt feature lets you the tilt the seat up to 30 degrees to compensate and maintain a stable posture. The tilt can be tightened up and customised according to your weight so that it gives way when you tilt the back backwards.

Comfortable gaming design

Your new gaming chair comes in the colour combination black/red or black/blue in perforated PU synthetic leather for good aeration. The material contributes to extra comfort during those many hours in the chair for those who play a lot. We have a matching Telesto footstool for an even better sitting position.

Neck and back cushion

The accompanying cushions for extra comfort during those long sessions. The neck and lower back cushions are designed to aid in sitting correctly and get a good attitude lap after lap. The cushions can be removed if you prefer to sit without.

Class 4 gas lift

Easily adjust the height up or down with your class 4 gas lift that can withstand a genuine and enthusiastic gamer. The height of the chair can be changed by as much as 80 mm so you are sitting comfortably in relation to your height and the distance up to the desk. You can adjust it easily with hydraulics that can withstand up to 150 kg.

4D armrests

The armrest is adjustable in all 4 directions. Adjust the height up or down, move the armrest forwards, backwards or sideways, or obliquely inward or outward. The choice is yours, so you are guaranteed a good sitting position.

Find the right angle

Your new gaming chair has a stepless backrest, adjustable up to 180 degrees. Choose your ideal back adjustment and lock it in the position you want. With your new Ixion Tier 3, you can take a power nap between battles during a LAN or late gaming evenings.

Technical specifications

Max. cargo weight

150 kg


Aluminum, steel, foam plastic, polyurethane leather


Class 4 gas lifter

Back support

Width: 50 cm height: 82 cm