Gaming Headset Black

We know that the equipment plays a vital role in your game titles, and Svive Kerberos is perfect for your gaming lifestyle. Comfortable, soft foam headphone pads and good adjustability mean your new headset will feel good and comfortable hour after hour.

Hear the difference

Put on your new Kerberos headset and hear the difference. The 50mm neodymium drivers and dual acoustic chamber deliver crystal clear sound when it matters most.

Roger what?

With the Svive Kerberos headset, commands hit straight home. The microphone has a minijack and can easily be connected when you want to enjoy your playlists AFK. The mic has acoustic noise cancellation, which makes you a winner even before the game has begun. You can effortlessly mute the mic with the button on the remote

Comfortable – level after level

The choice of fabrics and the memory foam ear cups is carefully designed to provide maximum comfort for hours of gaming. The ear cushions are upholstered with protein leather, providing extra comfort during those long gaming sessions.

Two chambers

The sound is distributed between two chambers: one is reserved for the bass and the other takes care of the mid-range frequencies and treble. The result is superior sound quality throughout the spectrum, from deep and powerful bass to defined and detailed highs with less distortion.

A perfect fit

Quality foam provides a perfect fit that reduces pressure for people who wear glasses. The headset sits comfortably around the ears and provides superior isolation from what is happening around you.

Choose the right cable for your needs

Cable for gaming with in-line volume control and mute button, or a version suitable for mobile with a microphone control button on the cable.

Suits YOUR platform

Do you play on multiple platforms? - No problem! The Kerberos headset is Ready2Play for most platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Mac, Mobile, VR and Switch. Choose your console, and: Game on!

A headband that means business

The rugged aluminium headband is easy to adjust for extra durable wear and comfort. The padding ensures that the headset fits comfortably, hour after hour. The ear cups are tight without feeling clammy and keep out unwanted background noise.

Technical specifications


Headset - wired - 3.5 mm jack

Recommended use

Game console, portable electronics, computer

Headphones Technology


Sound Mode


Frequency Response

50 - 18000 Hz

Max input power

20 mW

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)



105 dB

Microphone Technology

Boom, electric condenser

Mic. Sensitivity



747 ohm

Mic. Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)