Modding Mat

Svive Mizar modding mat is a practical and functional product that makes the building process pleasant for beginners and experts alike.

Practical Design

The design is packed with useful information that makes the building both simpler and quicker. You can easily identify many of the most important dimensions for key components such as motherboards and fans. It is also easy to figure out which screws fit for different purposes.

Anti Static

The surface of your Mizar mod-mat is made from ESD protective material, making it safe for components that are exposed to damage from static electricity. An antistatic bracelet and 2-meter earthing cable are included. Simply clip the grounding cable on your case or other common ground and you can be 100% sure that your components will not get damaged

Safe Workspace

The mat is made from soft rubber material underneath to make sure it stays in place without slipping. The cloth material on the top will not make scratches on glass or smooth surfaces. The size is 100 x 45cm.