Green Screen

Use green screen like a professional. Edit backgrounds using simple techniques for endless creative possibilities. Chroma keying means a wealth of options for creative visual effects to enhance your gaming, streaming or other live material.

Why buy Green Screen?

Green Screen is an affordable tool to achieve intense effects during streaming or filming. Using Green Screen, backgrounds become transparent in applications such as After Effects. The new Svive Green Screen lets you choose the background, e.g. for your favourite game.

Tips using Green Screen

For maximum effect, you need good lighting. Make sure there is sufficient distance between you and the canvas. Standing at least 1.5 metres from the background makes editing easier without colours bleeding into each other. Remember to avoid green clothing during filming to avoid becoming part of the background.

Practical box

The new Svive Green Screen means no limitations when the camera’s rolling. Flip up the lid of the handy box, pull up the screen using the handle to the perfect height for your studio. When you’ve finished, simply pack the screen back into its case, which can be stored under the bed or behind a door.

Stable screen

Pull the screen up to the desired height quickly and easily with stepless adjustment. The frame features X-design for a tight, smooth appearance without wrinkles. Gently pull the handle and the telescopic function allows the frame to extend as you pull the screen up. No need for back wall or brackets, and the built-in stabiliser can be extended to prevent the screen from falling.

Technical specifications


Collapsible, self-supporting


1.48 mx 1.8 m