PYX 34C801

34”curved QLED gaming screen

In close cooperation with Nordic gamers, we have put together a powerful screen with top specs, optimised for gaming. With this curved screen from Svive you both look good and have a screen that looks very good!


With 144 Hz update and down to 3 ms response time (with overdrive), the screen is perfect for gaming. In order to succeed in detecting and overpowering the enemy on the digital battlefield, it is crucial that graphics slide smoothly. Curved screens cover more of your peripheral vision than flat panels. The result is a more immersive experience that allows you to react faster in e.g. FPS games. In addition, curved screens are better for eye comfort as they follow the natural curvature of the human field of vision closer than flat panels. The advantage here is that it is actually more comfortable for your eyes to look at your screen under these conditions. This allows you to spend more time in front of the screen without getting tired.

QLED technology

Svive Pyx 34C801 uses quantum dot technology. Quantum dot/quantum dots are microscopic molecules that, when struck by light, emit their own, differently coloured light. The larger the size of the quantum dots, the more red the colour, and the smaller the size, the more blue the colour. They are able to emit precisely coloured light because particle sizes are adjusted with quantum level velocities, resulting in accurate and efficient light emission. The greater efficiency of brightness results in huge changes in the overall image quality. When you play, Samsung's QLED technology means realistic colours in both dark and light scenes. A cooler and more real-life gaming experience!

Optimal viewing experience

The 21: 9 format in curved form fills the field of vision whether you are working, watching movies or gaming. A pixel density of 109.68 PPI gives a crystal clear image in comparison to full HD resolution. Watch a 3440x1440 60hz YouTube clip and get a whole new experience! The curved screen reduces light leakage, giving you the opportunity to follow even more closely what is happening on the screen. The Samsung panel delivers a premium 3000:1 contrast ratio, providing deeper black, brighter white, clearer colours and absolutely superb images! The aggressive curvature of the 1500R can potentially reduce glare and other external light-based problems, which is of great benefit no matter what you see on the screen.

More customisation options

With tilt and height adjustment and many inputs, you can connect multiple devices and place the screen in the position you want. By using keyboard shortcuts in, for example, Windows, you can seamlessly open two windows at once. The Svive LED Pyx 34C801 also has a 75 x 75 mm VESA mount if you want a cleaner solution. We have good experience with screen mountings and wall mountings from the iiglo brand.

Flicker-free backlight

In all screens there is a light source in the background of the panel itself. Older screens used a vibrant light source that for many caused eye fatigue and headaches. The Svive 34C801 uses a light source that provides a constant light and thus eliminates flicker. This allows you to use the screen for as long as you want without headaches or tired eyes.

Technical specifications

Display type

LED backlit LCD screen / TFT active matrix

Energy class

Klasse B

Annual energy consumption

62 kWh

Power consumption (on mode)

43 W

Diagonal size


Curved screen


Adaptive sync technology

AMD FreeSync



Aspect Ratio


Standard Resolution

WQHD 3440 x 1440 ved 144 Hz

Pixel Pitch

0.23175 mm


350 cd/m²

Contrast Ratio

3000:1 / 1000000:1 (dynamic)

Color Support

16,7 millioner colors

Response Time

5 ms