D1 Simulator Cockpit

Take your car racing to new heights! Live the game and enjoy a truly realistic driving experience at home in your own living room with the Svive Racing simulator racing seat. This car seat is the same type as found in real racing cars and can be pushed forward and back and laid down in a reclining position. Great comfort and a seamless configuration system mean the seat will fit the oldest as well as the youngest family members.

High quality powder coated finish

The high quality powder coated finish prevents scratches and rust, while looking super awesome.

Adjustable pedal mount plate

For the ultimate driving experience, the pedal mount plate enables tilting and can be moved forward-backward.

Configurable steering wheel plate

The steering wheel plate can be adjusted up/down and forward/back for maximum configuration and comfort.

Adjustable fibreglass bucket seat

The fibreglass bucket seat slides forward-backward and can be laid down to offer the key elements of an ideal driving position for many hours of use.

Seamless configuration and impeccable comfort

Larger stabiliser bars enhance flexibility and make the seat stiffer and more secure. The solid steel frame has adjustable wheel mounts (pre-drilled for Logitech, Thrustmaster and Fanatec wheels), pedals and gear levers. You can mount the screens right on the rig with the Svive racing triple screen mount or with the single Svive Racing screen mount

Technical specifications

Designed for


Max. cargo weight

100 kg


Fibreglass, steel, cotton


Fine textured black

angle adjustment



60 cm


116 cm


125.3 cm - 154 cm