Svive Styx streaming mouse pad is created for those who love gaming and sharing it with the world. Showing your mouse motions to your viewers has never been easier. Take your stream to the next level with your new XXL streaming mouse pad!

Why buy a green mouse pad?

Chroma green mouse pad is an affordable tool to achieve better effects during your live-stream or video. In programs such as OBS, your green mouse pad can become transparent, providing you with higher production value in your streams and videos, by showing your viewers your every mouse move and gaming technique. But most importantly, the Svive Styx Chroma Color mouse pad offers you the creative freedom to personalize your stream in every way imaginable.

Water-repellent material

Your unique Svive Styx XXL Chroma Color mouse pad comes with a soft and water-repellent material that you can easily wipe clean when an accident occurs. If desired, the mouse pad can even be simply thrown in the washing machine and washed on a gentle program.

Designed for pros

The polyester surface is carefully selected to work perfectly with laser and optical gaming mice. The Svive Styx streaming mouse pad has a fine and smooth surface for speed and control with very little friction, making your mouse movements extremely precise. Your new Styx mouse pad is designed for those who spend a lot of time in front of the screen. With its stitched edges, your mouse pad will last you for years to come.

Perfect grip

With a thickness of 4 millimeters and a rubber lining on the underside, this mouse pad is anti-slip to avoid unnecessary interference when it counts the most. Get a grip and keep on smashing your opponents! With the dimensions of 90x50 cm, this XXL size mouse pad provides you with tons of movement space for your mouse. Designed for those who like to keep up with the pace; you will never run out of room again while playing your favorite games.

Technical specifications


90 cm


40 cm


4 mm


900 g