WIFI Smart LED Strip 5m

Level up your gaming setup with the Svive Aurora LED Strip and leave all your friends in awe. Plug in a power socket and illuminate your battlefield! Svive Aurora is a 5 meters long WiFi smart LED strip with 90 pcs LED/meter and it is perfect for upgrading your gaming setup or decorating your home. Equipped with self-adhesive tape, the strip is easily installable by peeling off the back cover and placing it on the desired spot, such as around your desk, behind your monitor, or inside your PC. Adventure awaits, and Aurora will light your way!

Perfect color for any setting

A traditional RGB strip forms white light from red, green, and blue colors shining simultaneously. To provide you with a purer white glow, Svive Aurora features separate LED diodes for both warm and cold white colors.

App and voice control

Using the SmartLife or Tuya app on your smartphone, you can set the color, brightness, changing mode, and changing speed of your LED light strip. You can even schedule a time for it to turn on and off with the timer function. To make it even more convenient, you can use voice control through Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Customize the length

Easily create your own custom-length LED strip by simply cutting it at one of the cut-points between the 3-LED segments. This enables you to fit your light strip perfectly even where space is limited, creating an RGB underglow or backlight for your desk, gaming PC, monitor, TV, sofa, or bed.

Technical specifications



Lighting color

RGBW light

Number of LEDs


Necessary voltage

AC 220 - 240 V

Compatible application

Smart Life

Communication technology


Intelligent assistant

Google Assistant, Alexa


6.9 m