Titan X

RGB Gaming Mouse

Svive understands gaming, and we know that the equipment plays a vital role in your game titles. The Svive gaming division was created in close cooperation with Nordic gamers, and the range includes a mouse called Proteus and one called Titan Pro, created for e-sports.

For all surfaces

The Titan X is equipped with sensors that can withstand a wide range of surfaces, perfect for those who take mice with you in different office spaces. With 1: 1 motion, this is a classic intellimouse that gives you accurate gaming where the movements match 100% with the screen.

Sensor for gaming

The Titan is equipped with an e-sports quality Pixart optical sensor with a sensitivity of up to 3500 CPI. The lift-off distance can be adjusted to match your playing style – perfect when every millimetre counts. The mouse is set to 2.77 mm from the factory, but this can easily be changed with our downloadable software.

Follow Svive and load the software:

On svive.gg/downloads/ you can find downloadable software to customise your new gaming mouse. Here you can access the settings for macros and programmable buttons. With some easy customisation, you get exactly the speed that suits your game titles and your playing.

Your settings

The 7 programmable buttons allow you to customise both the colour and the sensor so that you have the perfect setting as you press Play. The Titan X Pro has tough design details such as an RGB LED strip on the underside, a backlit logo and light in the scroll wheel. Perfect for those who like a little colour. The colours change simply by pressing the scroll wheel and the left forward button simultaneously.

Technical specifications

Number of buttons


Movement resolution

3500 dpi


20 G maximum acceleration, interrogation speed: 1000 Hz


7 programmable buttons, RGB LED color