Triton Mini

speed switch gaming keyboard white

Svive Triton Mini is just the right keyboard for any minimalistic gamer out there, equipped with speed switches enabling the fastest reaction time. Its 60% 62 key Nordic layout and unique white design make you stand out from the crowd and make a perfect addition to your setup at home or on the go, giving you a neat and organized desktop anywhere. Made by Nordic gamers, Svive Gaming provides you with only the best accessories at esport standards.

Black switches

The navy blue speed switch is very clickly while activating at only 1.1 millimeters. This provides a much faster response rate than red or blue switches, speed switches make this keyboard perfect for competitive gaming. With a lifespan of 70,000,000 keystrokes, the speed switches are built for reliability and performance for years to come.


Say goodbye to lose contacts or faulty cables getting in the way of your road to victory. Svive Triton Mini comes with a detachable USB-C cable, braided in the color of your keyboard. With the Svive Triton mini, you will experience ultimate freedom and reliability, even on the go.


PBT keycaps make this robust keyboard exceptionally durable and easy to clean. Your keys will stay truly white and will not develop a shine effect over time, looking perfectly intact until your last move. Personalize your keyboard even further with the 8 included red keycaps and key picker tool. Switching up the different colored keycaps gives you the possibility of making your keyboard more unique and stand out from the crowd.


Additionally, the Svive Triton software gives the possibility of assigning countless macro functions to your keys. Macros increase your productivity and speed in games when it matters.