Laptop Cooler

Laptop gamers know a lot of heat is generated when playing demanding games. Are you tired of lags and need maximum performance from your PC even when playing demanding games? Then the Svive XMM4 laptop cooler is a good option. It has been tested by our gamers and you can expect that GPU temperature is lowered by up to 20 degrees. Cooling stand for gaming laptops with illuminated fans, four speeds and a solid base.

Key features

• Suitable for all laptops up to 17.3 inches • Keeps your laptop cool and boosts performance • Height can be set at varying positions for optimal comfort • Four red-lit fans provide ideal airflow • Fan speed is adjustable and can also be switched off • Integrated storage for cables, making it easy to transport

Efficient cooling for heavy duty gaming

The Svive XMM4 is a powerful tool to provide effective cooling of most laptop models. It comes with four fans rotating with stylish red LEDs. Its aerodynamic design and various adaptive and comfort features make this cooler an ideal solution for anyone with an overheating laptop. If you’re a gamer, this cooler will definitely be a sound investment for your laptop. It reduces the heat generated by hard-working components and the design is specifically developed to increase air flow and improve the performance of your laptop.

Four fans maintain optimal laptop temperature

Four powerful fans deliver an airflow of 75 CFM (cubic feet per minute). This is enough to circulate excess heat away from any laptop. As a visual signal that the device is working, Svive XMM4 is fitted with red LEDs. To customize your cooling experience, you can adjust fan speed to find the perfect balance between silence and performance. One benefit, which you probably don’t expect from a laptop cooler, is the ability to create a more comfortable viewing angle when using the laptop. This model has an ergonomic design that makes it easier to write and you won’t strain your

Genuine gaming design

The robust design is especially suited for gaming laptops and a cable slot underneath helps to keep things neat and tidy. An additional USB port is also included so that the cooler won’t take up valuable port space on your laptop. Two non-slip arms are integrated to ensure the laptop stays in place on your desk, even when you tilt the cooler upwards.

Technical specifications

Notebook Compatibility

17.3 "

Fan Diameter

120 mm


75 cfm


Adjustable height